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Created on 2013-11-05 21:27:45 (#2111377), last updated 2014-03-06 (189 weeks ago)

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Location:United States of America

First things first: this is a sockpuppet account. I am a fan of radical transparency, and elsewhere on the net I'm very open about my name, identity, etc.; I prefer transparency where possible because it gives rise to accountability. However, there are also benefits to anonymity.

I am a trans woman. I'm open about this fact in public. However, there are many aspects of being trans which I am willing to discuss among friends, but which I'm not entirely comfortable announcing across the whole internet in association with my public persona. And yet, many of these things are things which I feel should be discussed more openly, for the benefit of other transgender and questioning people. The purpose of this blog is to foster that open discussion, rather than letting these posts languish under friendslock in my main blog.

If you know me in real life, you may or may not want to follow this blog. This blog serves in part as a TMI outlet, so you're going to end up learning things about me you may rather not know. That can make things awkward for folks who know me IRL or professionally, and not just as a figment of the online world. So, if you're worried about that, you prolly shouldn't follow me here.

I am also on reddit.

Most of the posts in this blog should probably be considered NSFW, though there won't be pictures or anything. I will do my best to give explicit trigger warnings, however the following topic are things which are going to come up regularly and so I will not warn about (unless going into depth or being explicit). Naturally, I will talk a lot about gender dysphoria. And, in discussing my past, I will often bring up sexual and psychological child abuse. (I also suffered physical abuse, but that was a minor thing so it won't be discussed too much.) If you have a trigger you think I haven't adequately warned about, please do let me know and I will update the warnings.
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